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Our inside agency NOMADE STUDENT=ATHLETES scouts, offers try-outs opportunities and support high school players in Japan with their college soccer recruitment and admissions process with Universities in the USA and Canada.

College coaches from different divisions have sent requests and are looking for different profiles of players to add to their roster from Fall 2024:

NOMADE STUDENT=ATHLETES offers the opportunity to talented high school soccer players from Japanese and international high schools to apply for University in the USA or Canada while being part of a college soccer team. The benefits offered by the American college system are multiple:

  • Combine Academics & Soccer to build a solid professional profile and career

  • Help finance a University degree with a scholarship

  • Take benefit from amazing facilities, campus, and student life

  • Grow personal development

What is the soccer level like?

There are different Collegiate Athletic Associations:

NCAA | Large Universities 4 Years Program

  • Division 1 (200+ Universities) is the reference and the top 25 teams's level can be compared to some pro academies in Europe or Japan

  • Division 2 (200+ Universities)

  • Division 3

NAIA | Smaller Universities 4 Years Program

  • One division (150+ universities) whose top 25 teams are excellent soccer programs

NJCAA / JUCO | Two Years Program Colleges

  • Division 1, 2, 3

Each division is then broken down into conferences. Universities compete in the Regular Season and in the Conference Tournament, followed by the National Tournament with the qualified teams from each conference.

But the most important: the completion of a Bachelor degree (4 years program) from an American University can lead to direct employment or MBA programs and Masters degrees.

Who for?

The players we help are coming from Japanese High School or International High Schools. All players must obtain their High School degree and prepare for English tests like to TOEIC and TOEFL. Of course, native or fluent English speakers, usually from International High Schools, have an advantage.

Regarding the soccer level, players are usually part of a Japanese High School or club team and compete in the High School tournaments and/or the Japanese Football Association's leagues like the U18 Tokyo League or the U18 Kanagawa League. Players also come from FC NOMADE U18 Team which plays in the TML, a Tokyo based private international league.

The combined academic level, english level, and soccer level is what determine the amount of offers from schools and amount of scholarship with an American University.

For additional information and to know more about your chances and potential for offers, submit your profile now (free)


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