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[NEW] Launch of our Soccer Conditioning studio in Azabu-Juban

Last night (Thursday 13th), we opened the door of Debbie's Studio and welcomed our U18s to our first Soccer Conditioning session.

The U18 players could get a view of the inside space and work on their body balance, coordination, and technique.

What is it?

Strength, Conditioning, and Speed Training Specific to Soccer. We take players through technique drills, body workouts, agility and coordination, speed and explosiveness drills with and without the ball. We try to make players improve in as many areas as possible, but we can assess priorities and focus on them, even in small groups. Sessions are 55min long.


Whether the player's goal is to play at a higher level, prepare for University in the USA, or simply become a better player for his/her team, we want to help. More and more players around us are asking for advice and help. Our goal is to create a good quality training environment for players so that they can work towards their goals.

For who?

From 6 years old to senior players, we help a wide range of ages and levels.

Where and When?

All sessions are on Thursdays at Studio Debbie's in Nishiazabu, Minato-ku​

Online Reservations are now open for both members of the team and non-members. Check Availabilities >


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