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U13, U14, U15 Kanagawa League Selections

During the past month, few FC NOMADE players were called to go to the Kanagawa Selection day.

For U14 selection: Tyler Kimura, Yuta Kida

For U15 selection: Henri Marcks 宮崎

They shared their experience with us:

Yuta Kida said the level was high because he couldn't go to the first round and they called him to come straight to the second round instead. He said he learned a lot about the playing style of other players there, and how they play in their positions. He added that this experience was great and that it will definitely help him in the next games. And as a fact, Yuta played a very good game two days after the selection.

Tyler Kimura mentioned the same thing as Yuta, especially since he went straight to the third round of the selection as he wasn't able to join the first two rounds. At that point, the very best players are there so the level is very high.

Henri went to the first round of the U15 selection. He said that all the players have a very good technical level and are particularly very fast and physical. He added that he learned a lot going to the selection and that gave him the motivation to improve for the next time an opportunity comes. Henri's performances with FC NOMADE U15 have had a very positive impact on the games during Stage 1 of the 2022 season.

No doubt that the experience was eye-opening for these 3 players and gave them a boost for Stage 2 starting next September.


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